The Ultimate Pick 'n' Mix Hack

A pick 'n' mix is a classic treat, and we understand everyone wants to get the most for their money, which is why our team has taken the time to figure out exactly how to get the most sweets in your cup. Just follow these easy steps

Kandy King pick 'n mix hack infographic​​​​​​​

First, break the available sweets down into four basic sweets groups:

Then follow these simple steps:

  1. Start with a sweet from the flat/long group and coil it around the bottom of the cup. We find a snake works well here, but feel free to experiment! 
  2. Fill the spaces in the bottom layer. You start this by adding a few wildcard sweets into the layer, before focusing on filling the larger gaps with sweets from your small selection. Once you’ve done this, give the cup a little tap to ensure everything is solidly in one layer and fill the small gaps with squishy sweets. You’ll probably need to use your fingers here, but as long as the sweets are in your cup that’s not a problem! 
  3. Once you’ve filled in the bottom layer, you need to think about the perimeter of the cup. Take some fizzy belts or an alternative from your flat/long selection and run them lengthways up the sides of the cup so they hang over the edge (we’ll use the ends later). Create the layer all the way around the perimeter of your pick ‘n’ mix cup. 
  4. Repeat step 2 to create solid layers of sweets until you reach the top of the cup. 
  5. At this point there is usually some room to force the contents of the cup down to create at least one extra layer and this usually consists of something flat like giant strawberries or foam bananas. 
  6. Finally, flip the edges of your long-forgotten belts over the top to full enclose all your layers of sweets before forcing the top on. You’re now all set to enjoy the best pick ‘n’ mix ever!