Swizzels Sweets

One of Britain’s best-known sweet brands with a range of iconic names under their belt, Swizzels Matlow is still innovating and causing sweet sensations today, over 90 years after being founded. From classics such as Love Hearts and Parma Violets, to modern sensations like Squashies, the Swizzels range is truly timeless.

Our range of wholesale Swizzels sweets features a complete selection of their well-loved flavours, from Drumsticks to Refreshers and more. So whether your customers are looking for a taste of their childhood or trying out the latest flavours, our Swizzels range is sure to keep them coming back for more.

Browse our full range of wholesale Swizzels sweets online today to discover their incredible range. With fast delivery, new stock arriving every day and a huge selection of classic sweets to choose from, you’ll always be able to make your sweet-toothed customers happy.

Alternatively, browse our full range of bulk sweets today.

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Swizzels Sweets
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