The most familiar wholesale Lutti sweets are probably Bubblizz, the pink and blue bubblegum-flavoured sparkling jelly bottles that have been a popular alternative to fizzy cola bottles since 1993. 

However, Lutti produce a huge variety of sweets, sugar-free candy and other confectionery. We supply bulk bags of sweets including 3kg Lutti sacks like mint fondants, Carachoco chocolate caramels, and Mini Bubblizz, the slightly smaller version of the company's iconic fizzy bubblegum bottles.

We also stock 24-packet boxes of Spaghett Bubblizz, a tutti-frutti flavour, spaghetti-style bubblegum inspired by Bubblizz, and 18-tube boxes of Tubble Gum, the unusual bubblegum paste in a toothpaste-style squeezy tube. See more of our latest lines and what's in stock at any time on our wholesale Lutti sweets page. Click through to individual product pages for complete ingredients lists and allergen information. 

The origins of the company date back as far as 1889 when Leopold Confectionery was founded in Belgium. In recent years Lutti have moved production to France, after a 2013 fire destroyed their factory in Manage, Belgium. The name 'Lutti' in particular was first used in 1929 and is believed to be the nickname confectioner Henri Cornet gave to his partner. When he developed a caramel au lait, he named it after her in tribute. 

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 products

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