Kingsway - Bulk

Kingsway bulk bags are a great way to get your hands on a large quantity of some Kingsway pick 'n' mix favourites at a budget-friendly bulk price. 

The value line of traditional penny sweets is owned by Loughborough-based Hancocks and includes childhood classics and contemporary candy, so there's something for everyone. From foamy mushrooms and jelly crocodiles, to bubblegum mermaids and jelly meerkats, it's a fun and colourful range to shop from.

Wholesale Kingsway pick 'n' mix sweets include pre-mixed selections such as jelly Space Mix and foamy Beach Mix, as well as Chewing Nuts which are a chewy toffee centre with a chocolate flavoured coating.. 

Don't forget to add a box of paper Pick 'n' Mix bags to your order if you want to serve up your sweets in the traditional way or sell them as penny sweets or by weight. 

If you love Kingsway bulk bags, you'll find even more penny sweets and childhood favourites in our full range of Pick 'n' Mix Sweets.. 

Alternatively, our wholesale kids sweets include plenty of other fun options, including plastic prize eggs, 'toxic waste' canisters, miniature jelly bean machines and candy jewellery. All you could ask for in a wholesale sweets delivery. 

Alternatively, browse our full range of wholesale sweets today.

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Kingsway - Bulk
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