Carol Anne Chocolate

Carole Anne Chocolate specialise in chocolate-coated dragees - a centre such as a nut or piece of fruit, with a sweet coating like dark or milk chocolate, yoghurt or caffeine-free Carob. 

The range includes long-time family favourites like milk chocolate raisins, milk chocolate peanuts, chocolate-coated Brazil nuts and milk chocolate honeycomb bites. There are also variations on these classics, such as dark chocolate raisins and dark chocolate Brazil nuts, which are even more popular than in the past as consumers have begun to appreciate chocolate with a higher cocoa count.

Carole Anne Chocolate dragees come in big bulk bags, allowing you to make savings on wholesale chocolate prices. Raisins, peanuts and Brazil nuts are all supplied in 3kg sacks, while milk chocolate honeycomb bites come in 2.5kg bags, to account for the lower density and per-item weight of the honeycomb. 

Rascal Confectionery, manufacturers of Carole Anne Chocolate, were founded in 1967 with a focus on dragees and a commitment to deliver superior quality confectionery. The company continues to source its ingredients from highly regarded locations including Brazil nuts from Bolivia, raisins from California and Turkey, and peanuts from China, all strictly certified as pure, fresh and meeting the required standards. 

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 products

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