Vegan and dietary sweets to stock from Christmas to Veganuary

Vegan and dietary sweets to stock from Christmas to Veganuary

Kandy King’s great range of vegetarianvegansugar-freegluten-free and Halal sweets means that nobody needs to feel left out of the festivities.

This dietary range is important at Christmas, which is surely the peak time for most of us to reach for the sweets, but remains crucial for retailers as we move into the New Year and Veganuary.

Many New Year Resolutions focus on cutting down on sugar or going vegetarian or vegan, for instance by participating in ‘Veganuary’. By stocking sugar-free (diabetic-friendly), vegetarian and vegan sweets, you can score some sales even after Christmas has ended.

Here are just a few of our top dietary sweets for the holiday season, which no pick-and-mix retailer should be caught without…


Swizzels Love Hearts

Swizzels Love Hearts are a firm favourite for many families and a fun way to show you care – and in recent years the designs have been enhanced by the addition of cute emoji faces.

Love Hearts are vegetarian and vegan-friendly sweets, so there’s no reason why they can’t satisfy a sweet tooth while allowing you to uphold your ethical commitments at the same time.


Kingsway Chillie Billies Reindeer

We love this themed vegan treat, which is dairy-free, gelatine-free and contains no artificial flavours or colours – just vegetable concentrates and natural flavourings.

Kingsway Chillie Billies Reindeer are hugely popular throughout the Christmas season, making them a gummy candy to get your teeth into over the holidays.

Hancock's Kingsway Chillie Billies Reindeer


Kingsway Tongue Painters

Kids love Kingsway Tongue Painters, which turn your tongue a bright colour as you eat them. They’re even shaped like little paintbrushes!

Again, these only contain vegan and vegetarian ingredients, and are made with coconut oil so they even support a New Year Resolution to cut out palm oil.


Sugar-Free Sweets

We have a whole section of sugar-free, diabetic-friendly sweets. Some of our favourites include the Z41 Lite Belgian Chocolate Box, a pretty gift box containing no added sugar and only veggie-friendly ingredients.

Sugar-Free Fruit Drops are a great option for diabetics, with natural flavourings and colours, and the perfect accompaniment to a winter walk on a cold, crisp day.

Sugar-Free Assorted Toffees are the go-to choice if you’re more of a chewer than a sucker, again made with natural colours and flavours, with no added sugar.

An open box of sugar-free chocolates


Gluten-Free Sweets

It’s not unusual for brand-name sweets to be gluten-free, as it’s often an ingredient that just naturally does not occur in the recipe.

Examples include Millions, the tiny chewy gluten-free sweets, which carry the Vegetarian Society seal of approval too.

Chocolate Flavoured Honeycomb Cinder Toffee is a seasonal favourite from Bonfire Night right through to the spring and summer months, making it a great addition to your stock all year round.


Halal Sweets

Finally, our selection of Halal sweets means you can cater for customers who adhere to a Halal diet without any difficulty at all.

Fini Tutti Frutti Pencils and our jars of Dobsons Mega Lollies in lots of different flavours allow you to build up an entire department of Halal sweets if there’s demand in your area.

Whatever your customers demand this holiday season, Kandy King are here to help make it a very merry Christmas, and will continue to support our customers’ retail aspirations throughout the New Year too.

To explore our range of dietary sweets and make the most of our £50 minimum spend, visit the Kandy King store.

Happy holidays!