Valentine's Day Chocolate and Candy Gift Guide 2024
Why do we gift chocolate on Valentine’s Day?
Sugar-Free Sweets and Treats to Ease You into 2024
It's time to get those calendars ready to welcome a sweet beginning for a new year. At Kandy King, we know that delicious sweets do not have to mean sacrificing your dietary commitments. So, if you are considering a healthier start to the year without...
Are Halal Sweets Becoming More Popular in 2024?
In recent years, you may have noticed a trend in your local sweet shop, newsagent, or supermarket. You may have even taken it for granted that there is a greater variety available for all food products, be they vegetarian, gluten free, halal, or another...
How to keep your sweet shop COVID-safe
As retail fully opens back up and consumers regain their confidence to head out to the high street, we are entering a new phase of on-premise social distancing and COVID-safe precautions that apply to sweet shops and other candy retailers.
The History of Trick or Treating
It’s the time of year when the local kids are likely to knock on your door expecting handfuls of Halloween pick ‘n’ mix sweets (and sometimes cash) in recognition of their spooky costumes.