Sugar-free chocolate to enjoy in Lent

Sugar-free chocolate to enjoy in Lent

If you’ve given up sugar for Lent, you don’t have to resort to a Sunday ‘cheat day’ to enjoy some sugar-free chocolate and other treats. If your sweet tooth starts to itch over the 40 days of Lent, here’s how you can treat, not cheat!

We’ve picked out some of the best sugar-free sweets & chocolate to get you through to Easter, starting with delicious bars of sugar-free chocolate from The Lite Chocolate Company.

Remember there may be naturally occurring sugars in some products – so if you’re diabetic or on a low-sugar diet for medical reasons, make sure to check the ingredients or contact us directly for full details.


The Lite Chocolate Company

The Lite Chocolate Company make fine Belgian chocolate with no added sugar. It’s also gluten-free chocolate, if you’re looking for an option to suit your dietary needs.

We have plenty of flavours to choose from in budget-friendly packs of 12 bars, including sugar-free dark chocolatemint chocolate and fruit & nut chocolate.

At 85g per bar, they’re big enough to take the edge off your chocolate craving, but contain only naturally occurring sugars, to stay on the right side of your Lent commitment.


Sugar-Free Chocolate Sweets

Diabetic sweets are a great place to look for sugar-free versions of your old favourites, including chocolate-centre sweets.

Our prepack bags of Thorne’s diabetic sweets include 12x 90g Sugar-Free Chocolate Limes and 12x 90g Sugar-Free Chocolate Eclairs.

If you’re trying to stay disciplined, these are an excellent option, as you can treat yourself to just one or two sugar-free sweets instead of a full bar of sugar-free chocolate.


Sugar-Free Boiled Sweets

If you’d prefer to steer clear of chocolate, even if it has no added sugar, then sugar-free boiled sweets are another alternative that should stay within your Lent abstinence rules.

There’s plenty to choose from that will take you back to your childhood, including pear drops and rhubarb and custard in bulk-buy 2kg bags from The Lite Sweet Co.

Alternatively, we also have prepack bags of sugar-free sweets by Thorne’s, available in 12x 90g packs and including several more childhood classics like sugar-free barley sugars and sherbet strawberries.


Sugar-Free Mints

Finally, go super-traditional with our selection of sugar-free mints and toffees, such as Thorne’s sugar-free Mintoes or Spearmint Chews.

Again, these are supplied in packs of 12x 90g, which should be plenty to see you through to Easter when you can indulge in full-sugar chocolate again, or continue to stick to your no-sugar sweets if you’ve found new favourites!


Don’t Forget Easter!

Finally, don’t forget to plan ahead for the end of Lent, if you want to have some full-sugar sweets or chocolate on hand to celebrate the end of your abstinence.

You can find out more about our Easter chocolate and sweets selection in our seasonal section, or read our February blog for some great ideas about how to celebrate Easter with chocolate – with or without the kids!

It’s the most chocolatey time of year, so whether you’re steering clear of sugar for Lent, living on a long-term diabetic diet, or indulging in full-sugar chocolate for Easter egg hunts and other Easter party games, Kandy King have got you covered.