What sweets should you stock in your sweet shop?
Whether you’re starting an online sweet shop or setting up a brick-and-mortar retail outlet, knowing what sweets to stock in a sweet shop is a good step along the way to a successful opening day.
The History of Trick or Treating
It’s the time of year when the local kids are likely to knock on your door expecting handfuls of Halloween pick ‘n’ mix sweets (and sometimes cash) in recognition of their spooky costumes.
 Sugar-free sweets to stock this Christmas
Christmas is a time of lavish meals, rich desserts, help-yourself buffets and going back for seconds, but there are all sorts of reasons why you might want to reach for sugar-free sweets as a between-meals snack or while watching your favourite festive...
Creative homemade Christmas selection boxes
Christmas isn’t just a time for presents. It’s also a season for eating delicious treats, from mince pies to stocking fillers, with the people you love. Are you the sort of host who wants to open and tuck into a box of sweets big enough for your guests...
Why lollipops are the best summer sweet
When a heat wave hits, giant swirly lollipops are one of the best summer sweets you can reach for. With the recent hot weather coinciding with National Lollipop Day on Wednesday July 20th, don’t be a sucker – pop a giant lollipop in your mouth for...