How to Promote Your Sweets Business on Facebook
So, you’ve read our previous blog on how to start a sweets shop on Facebook? You’ve got things moving, but sales are still more of a trickle than an avalanche? You now need to take the next step to get your business out to a larger group of people....
Making Social Media Work for Your Corner Shop
The local shop has been central to communities across the UK for decades. Whether people want to grab a loaf of bread, catch up on all the local going’s-on or simply have a convenient spot to meet, the local shop is always there.
How to Optimise your Retailer for Google
The number of people searching online for products “near me” is at an all-time high and continues growing every year. In fact, 97% of people have searched for a local business, and 88% of local business searches performed on mobile result in a call or...
80% of Americans are excited for Halloween
A National Confectioners Association poll has shown that around 80% of Americans plan on celebrating Halloween this year and are confident they can find safe ways to celebrate it.
How to Sell Sweets Online
Everyone loves a sweet treat, and starting your own sweets business from home to help people satisfy their cravings has never been easier – you just need to have the ability to put in a little time.