Vegan and dietary sweets to stock from Christmas to Veganuary

Kandy King’s great range of vegetarian, vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free and Halal sweets means that nobody needs to feel left out of the festivities.

This dietary range is important at Christmas, which is surely the peak time for most of us to reach for the sweets, but remains crucial for retailers as we move into the New Year and Veganuary.

Many New Year Resolutions focus on cutting down on sugar or going vegetarian or vegan, for instance by participating in ‘Veganuary’. By stocking sugar-free (diabetic-friendly), vegetarian and vegan sweets, you can score some sales even after Christmas has ended.

Here are just a few of our top dietary sweets for the holiday season, which no pick-and-mix retailer should be caught without…

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Why you should buy wholesale sweets this Christmas

A jar of sweets in front of a Christmas tree

If you’re stocking up on sweets for Christmas, don’t pay full retail prices until you’ve taken a look at Kandy King Salford and Manchester sweet wholesalers.

We have lowered our minimum spend to just £50, making it even easier for households to buy bulk wholesale sweets at trade prices, whether that’s Christmas sweets or a stockpile of your favourite treats to take you into the New Year.

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How to Sell Sweets Online at Halloween

Halloween is a busy retail period for sweet sellers, whether you sell sweets online or from a bricks-and-mortar sweet shop.

Trick-or-treating is a big driver of this, as many householders make sure they have something bought in, just in case of a knock at the door this October 31st.

In 2021, Halloween itself lands on a Sunday night, which makes it the culmination of a bumper weekend for sweet shops.

Here are some tips on how to be ready to sell sweets online this Halloween, to capitalise on the most spooktastic time of year.

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Best choice of pick & mix sweets for summer parties

Summer party season is upon us and if you’re planning a garden party, beach party or street party, pick & mix sweets make an excellent party favour to put out on tables or hand out to guests as they arrive.

But what are the best choice of pick & mix sweets for summer parties? Here we’ve picked out a handful of our favourite products for this time of year, to celebrate the sunniest season of all…

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Sweet retailers: How to identify your target market

pick and mix sweets on display on a stall

Sweet shops have near-universal appeal – who doesn’t like a bar of chocolate or a bag of pick ‘n’ mix? – so the challenge for candy retailers is to decide which market segment to target.

You might assume that with such broad appeal, sweet retailers shouldn’t target one demographic at all, but should instead stick to broad-brush techniques such as brand name promotion.

However, this can be false economy compared with generating sales in a specific niche. When you find a well-defined market segment that has not yet been tapped in your local area, you can establish yourself as the go-to retailer for that demographic.

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How to keep your sweet shop COVID-safe

covid safe sweet shop


As retail fully opens back up and consumers regain their confidence to head out to the high street, we are entering a new phase of on-premise social distancing and COVID-safe precautions that apply to sweet shops and other candy retailers.

In some ways, confectioners need to be even more careful – for example in outlets where customers are normally allowed to self-serve pick ‘n’ mix, you may want to put measures in place to prevent direct physical contact with product.

Here are some ways to keep a sweet shop COVID-safe as bricks-and-mortar retail returns, as well as taking full advantage of the transition to online retail over the past year, which is likely to remain a feature for the foreseeable future.

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The Perfect Sweet Additions to Any Event

Hosting an event of any size is always stressful – you always seem to have 101 things to consider and no time with which to consider them. And everything decision is important, from the big stuff like “what’s the venue” to the smaller choices like “what sweets should I have”?

Loved by kids and grown-ups alike, sweets are a welcome addition to any event, but the wrong choices could lead to more problems than you bargained for.

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